Social Journal

10 Aug 2020

Curtain Hug

We at Social Journal strive to narrate and share impact stories across India. We invite all the social workers and volunteers from everywhere in the country to present their stories and inspire others to work toward the betterment of this country. We ask you to provide your ideas and work that you have done for the advancement of the country to encourage other civilians to give back to the country.

Through your – the social worker’s – eyes we aim to present the hardships you have encountered and the great fruit that you yielded through contributing to the society. We want you to pick up your pen or power up your laptops and write down any impactful stories that you experienced. It could be about how you provided education to an underprivileged child, or how you restored confidence and empowered an abused woman who finally escaped the clutches of her abuser, or it could even be about how you helped a poor man get rid of his drug or alcohol addiction. Let us know how you gave back to the society and we will assure your word reaches to the curious ears and benefits the country by aspiring thousands of other people like you to do something – no matter how small – for the country. We give you a platform to raise your voice over the untold and unheard stories of your courage and of your goodwill.

The stories are reviewed by the expert panel and the shortlisted stories would be shared at the Social Journal events. Each story counts, because each contribution counts and the ones that stand out through the jury process would also be rewarded.