23 Jul 2021

Curtain Hug

Coronavirus has severely affected the lives of people across the globe. All the pleasures of life,
the dreams that were being preserved in 2019, are getting shattered. Millions of people get
affected and the journey of uncountable souls ended during the pandemic. Cover 19 has left a
very negative imprint in the history of mankind.
While the people are confined and locked up in their houses, some brave and mature populace of
the frontline workers have shown enormous courage to fight against the infection. They are
working for endless hours to serve the people. The pain of staying away from their loved ones is
outshone by their extreme hard work. The doctors, nurses, police, municipal workers, etc are
risking their precious lives for the welfare of the nation. They have to wear the PPE kits for
hours and are mostly surrounded by the virus. We all have heard the news where someone from
the warrior's family dies, but the warrior gets back to his work after few hours only. The medical
team has also upgraded its resources tremendously and is giving every possible treatment to the
patients. Various new medicines are being introduced to the patients and the unstoppable hard
work by the medical department is commendable.
India being a believer of morals and ethics has always put doctors in place of God. We have
always thought that gods are the creators and doctors are the saviours. But currently, this
scenario has witnessed a shift in the values of the people. The COVID warriors are at great risk
of lives. COVID has always shown mutations. Analyzing it and finding its vulnerable treatments
consumes time. Still, the doctors are trying their level best to save the lives of the people. They
are providing every possible treatment they could. But the people of India are so violent and
aggressive that instead of supporting them, they are attacking them. Various cases have been
heard where the doctor was brutally assaulted for not being able to save the patient. A recent
viral video of Assam hospital where the doctor is being beaten aggressively, left everyone numb.
We often witness cases where doctors committed suicide because of threatening warnings, they
received. The question promptly arises that where is a society leading?! We couldn’t understand
the horrified situation of the COVID warriors.
The warriors, who should be motivated and appreciated at every step, are terrified and scared in
India. They are the people who are leaving everything behind and are devoted to the nation. It is
the urgency of the situation where we should salute their sacrifice and do something to
enlighten the brave spirits serving this country.