Project Akriti by YEF

11 Apr 2021

Curtain Hug

Project Aakriti, as the name suggests, means to ‘shape’. It is a project solely focused on shaping the future of children. Not everyone can realise their hidden potential. There is always a catalyst at work that is necessary for the push needed to get somewhere in life. While some people can realise it themselves, others might wait for someone else to come around and help them with it. But even if you eventually found someone, what would happen if they leave? People can lose their way because the help they received was temporary.

There are lives out there who struggle tremendously just trying to live. Often, they receive money and not the help to move forward in life. One might just give them some money under the pretence that they are helping but they are just enabling a handicap called dependency. It becomes a cycle and they become dependent on the next person to help or save them. The thought that they can do something about it for themselves get so buried deep in the mind that they forget it and forge a dependent way of living. This vicious cycle continues. But we here, with this project, aim to put an end to this. Because there won’t always be someone to save them, and they could very well take the wrong route as a means of survival from which they cannot return.

This particular project focuses on providing education to age groups starting from nursery to class 10. After all, education and grooming take you a long way in life. It gives you the hope and potential that you can never imagine. We plan on dedicating three hours every day, precisely from 2 pm to 5 pm so that these children can take part in several physical education activities which they have been not able to do because of the pandemic. This will be done by dividing them into two groups. During this time, they will be taught and do other activities like playing games.

The younger group (children from the fourth standard and below) will be engrossed in activities like prayers, pledges, snacks, and reading (rhymes and poems). This group will mostly comprise primary children. The second older group (children from 4th standard up to 10th standard) will also do prayers, pledges, activities and consuming snacks suitable for their age and also depending on their academics. It is not all play and no work, there is a balance between both, especially when they are preparing for their examinations. It is to make their lives easier. This project has become a vital part of our organization just like the other projects, and it will continue so for the near future. This project also includes providing the children with mid-day meals so that they may find additional motivation to attend such fun and educational activities!