25 Dec 2021

Curtain Hug

Pandemic is defined as an outbreak of an infectious disease that has spread across several countries and covers a wide geographical area. Throughout history such pandemics have been responsible for completely vandalising human society. But the way people act and behave in such conditions play an imperative role for the future of such society and decide the way ahead.
The last one and a half years were very crucial for almost every single person across the globe. Someone lost a father; someone lost a brother and someone lost a friend in this horrendous time of Covid-19 Pandemic. CoronaVirus Disease proved to be a very fatal disease which was once just considered as a mild virus. The first two waves of this virus made even the most powerful governments in this world feel helpless and all actions proved to be inefficient in front of this deadly virus. Economy went into recession, people struck into poverty and hunger, youth into anxiety and depression. Everything went into chaos and instability but the survival of many others depended only on the attitude of the people in that society.

International organisations and governments laid various rules, norms and regulations for the people globally in order to contain this virus and to further prevent its spread across the countries. A time came when there were no beds available in the hospitals across the country for the fresh cases of Covid-19. People lost their loved ones and had nothing left but pain and suffering. According to facts, 70% of the youth in India faced anxiety disorders and depression at this time of their life. We all know that the present and future of our nation is at stake, but even then, the irresponsible attitude of people at the time of covid never fails to morose me.

At a time when we all must have a prudent attitude and show care and affection towards other beings in the society, we are busy in our recreation, tourism and travelling. According to recent reports, tourist hill stations like Mohali, Dalhousie, Leh Ladakh show a tremendous rise in tourist visits across the places and hotels reported no bed available after such a surge in tourists. Irony lies in the fact that at a time when there is a possibility of a 3rd wave of COVID-19 pandemic hitting our nation, we are doing nothing but acting as a catalyst in the whole process. Albeit regulating the institutions by the authorities is one hand, but every single individualistic approach at this time of COVID-19 is very imperative for deciding the future of our society.

Recreation at regular intervals is very much necessary for an individual for the overall holistic growth of that person. But I suppose travelling, wandering and accumulating such crowds in places is not the only option for recreation at this critical time. What actually happens is that a human is a social animal, he/she is bound to act in such social ways which can assign him an imperative role in the ecosystem. At the time of lockdown, people were completely debarred from any kind of such social activities and after lockdown restrictions were lifted, people saw this as a license to relive their social positions and demonstrated such an irresponsible attitude towards COVID which made the second wave inevitable to occur.

We all know that COVID is a highly communicable infectious fatal virus and its containment is very much necessary to prevent further loss of life and property. Despite this fact, people started conducting functions, parties, tours without any norms being followed. All hotels were preoccupied and no availability of beds were there. You can imagine that horrendous scenario and the future outcomes of such a situation. I think that our government believes that covid does not spread in elections and party meetings. Elections to 5 states were being organised in the middle of the pandemic. Though it was also a mistake of Election commission of India that the norms were not properly regulated at the time of election campaigns in these 5 states, Rallies were organised with thousands of supporters in mobs without any masks or precautions. If Authorities will show such an irresponsible attitude towards such a horrible situation, it would vandalise the whole system. Kumbh mela was organised at the midst of covid second wave where thousands of devotees came to take the holy dip in the sacred river of ganga. Immediately afterwards, thousands of cases were being reported from that area. Regardless of any state particular religion, India is a secular nation and everyone is free to practise and profess one’s religion but as swami Vivekananda said ‘Service to humanity is the service of god’ and protecting humanity is the greatest of all services at this point of time.

People need to understand that their recreation is far less important than their life. If they're able to survive in this pandemic, then they would have their whole lives in front of view to live cheerfully. And by travelling or accumulating at some places, we ourselves are becoming the harbingers of death and destruction to our own people. It may happen that you have strong immunity by which you can even survive this infection but what if you become the medium for this to travel to your parents or your children. In this Materialistic world, our loved ones really mean a lot to us and I don’t think so that anyone of us would put our travelling or anything above the lives of our family and friends. Therefore, the need of this hour is to help everyone around us to sustain better in this difficult time. Feed poor people if you can, try to remain mentally strong and provide moral support to your loved ones and extirpate all the irresponsible elements from your behaviour, so that we could finally submit our victory against this virus and could give our future generations a happy and secure environment to live.

-By Sanidhya Sharma
Content Writer
Social Journal