NGOs and education

10 Aug 2020

Curtain Hug

NGOs or non government organizations provide assistance to those who are grossly undeserved owing to gloomy circumstances. In case of education their contribution remains to be helmed as powerfully impactful. Education though a primary fundamental right of every human being remains a distant dream for most indian children, especially the girls. This is where NGOs bridge the gap.
They provide free of cost quality education without any compromise. In many cases NGOs also provide free of cost meals to children along with regular schooling. This helps in grooming young minds in countless ways.

Enabling a single child to learn new subjects and to relate them with the
practical world aggregates many others to learn good habits and follow. That is what is true
education more than just making a name for oneself in the future. Certain NGOs get their own students back as teachers, so much is the depth and security provided that students actually give their whole lives in return. Through NGOs a spectacular connect is built between people of all classes which actually makes us realize that the world is basically very simple and small. For those working it is the biggest boon to be able to fulfil both passion and professional desires.

Thus NGOs in spite of certain drawbacks like favouritism, partiality, funding politics etc. definitely assures awareness on a larger spectrum of life which encourages more people to come out and serve life’s purpose unabashedly and makes us dig in deep and think that why shouldn’t we come forward as one!