12 Jan 2022

Curtain Hug

Illiteracy means “lack of education/ inability to read and write” which is destroying societies like a scourge. Illiteracy is no doubt a curse for a living nation. Nations can come to an end if the percentage of illiteracy is higher. An illiterate person is unable to find the right way for him; as a result he becomes the slave of others who use him like a puppet. Instead, a literate person can understand what is right for him and what is wrong. A main cause of poverty is also illiteracy because poverty born from an illiterate society.

Nothing is more important than education because an educated and literate person can manage things more precisely. Our society must understand this fact. Many tribes and illiterate societies restrict girls to learn reading and writing, such societies are actually a scourge for the whole nation. Many poor nations are now slaves of other nations just because of their very low literacy level. An illiterate man is more vulnerable to poverty, hunger, slavery and diseases. Diseases spread due to unawareness and unawareness is the result of illiteracy.

There are also some social work societies who are working for adult education and they are trying to educate people from different age groups. We are also responsible to play our part to lighten the candle of education. There are still places in our country where the children don’t even have the access to basic education. This, as well as other compounded factors, have led to a high rate of illiteracy in India. Although there have been initiatives by the Government to reduce the rate of illiteracy in India, the goal is far from being achieved, therefore it becomes all the more necessary for the students of today to know more about illiteracy in India.

"The Right to Education” act was passed in 2009, which specified that those children between 6-14 ages, will be given free education and all necessary things. Many other initiatives have been started by the Government to ensure that there is an increase in the literacy rate in India. Today, literacy rate in India is at 74.04%. More efforts are still being made and finally there will be a day in future when illiteracy in India will be completely non-existent. When it comes to illiteracy in India, the statistics could be staggering. There are so many people who have not been imparted even basic education and their state is pitiable to say the least.

Reasons of Illiteracy in India:
When we are discussing illiteracy in India, it refers to the people who never went to school and were deprived of their right to education. While there are government schools and rules that say primary education is free for all, these rules are often not put into practise. Even in rural areas where the rules are put into practise, parents from poor families put their children to work so that
they could assist in piling more income. The root cause for high illiteracy rate in India is Poverty. Parents with poor financial backgrounds are unable to send their children even to government schools since they cannot afford to buy their books and other necessities. Lack of awareness and gender inequality is another reason for illiteracy in India among girl children in most rural areas.

The Solution:
The only solution is to make people aware of the need for education. If we want our country to make a good amount of progress, it is important for the citizens to be literate. Illiteracy in India is one of the grave problems which need to be remedied before it becomes too huge to handle. Education must be made free; this must include fees, books, uniforms, food, stationeries and everything that the child needs. Awareness programs on the importance of education must be conducted in each and every part of the country.
So, try to create awareness campaigns and let people know about their basic right to free education. Giving the right incentives might trigger the change which has become the need of the hour.
India is the second largest populated country in the world and its illiteracy rate is also high. Although many initiatives and measures taken by the government have reduced illiteracy to a large extent, still, nearly 287 million people in India are illiterates. This hinders the economic progress of our nation and this must be eradicated.
The illiteracy in India has deteriorated the backbone of the nation. It is not merely mystifying the Indian democracy gradually but increasingly also leading the huge democratic system of this nation to trouble. Today, the Illiteracy in India is quite a big question for the government. It is very important to eradicate the branch and roots of the illiteracy in India for making the life of the people happy and flourishing. It is true to say that only the government cannot handle the difficult mission of eliminating illiteracy in India. People have to volunteer to carry out this national obligation so that the drive of eradicating illiteracy in India can turn into a huge mass movement.

Dipshika Sen
Content Writer
Social Journal