2 Oct 2021

Curtain Hug

Today, Afghanistan is currently facing one of the severe humanitarian crises which the world has never witnessed in recent years. This article aims to address the threat posed by the Taliban to the human rights of the people of Afghanistan under Taliban rule. The Taliban takeover, which happened ten days after the US troops had withdrawn their forces, has sent shockwaves to the entire world. It will have many geopolitical repercussions, especially in Asia, especially to India. The life of people in Afghanistan has never been easy. Their economy being severely damaged due to the coronavirus pandemic has now completely shattered the hopes of recovery with the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan The fate of Afghanistan's people is entirely unknown and a big question mark. They have already endured the draconian rule of the Taliban during 1996- 2001, where the human rights of children and especially women are abused. Now they fear that the Taliban's rule will push the country 200 years back. The shariah law was imposed back then, which suppressed the rights of women. The women were not allowed to go to school. They were forcefully married and were not allowed to come outside without their male companions. The country, which has seen some light of development after democracy was restored in 2004, is now on the brink of destruction under Taliban rule. Even after the restoration of government in 2004, parallel governments were being run by the Taliban in some areas. The Taliban have always been critical towards freedom of the press and always indulged in threatening them and some instances include killing them. Taliban have always been severe to those who oppose the ideologies of the Taliban. The access to girl's education was different in different areas. Justice was nowhere near to girls who suffered from domestic violence and sexual abuse in the Taliban courts. The cruel punishments of Taliban rule include stoning to death in public and beheading in public. There will be no freedom to play sports and listen to music. In some Taliban-controlled areas, there are some strict rules considering the use of smartphones and television for recreational purposes


· In the last one month, violence was at its peak in Afghanistan with massive civil casualties in the takeover process by the Taliban. The heart-wrenching video of people attempting to run out of the country resulting in a stampede describes the desperate situation of the people in Afghanistan. There is no information regarding the ground situation in the places where there is no media coverage after the recent takeover by the Taliban; there are reports of the Taliban going through houses to check on the young girls above 12 years old and forcefully marrying some girls. One mother, Zahra Omari, fled to Kabul from Kunduz province with her six children: "When people started fleeing, I took my children and fled. I didn't even take milk for my 10-month-old daughter. We found a bus going to Kabul that had removed the seats to cram as many people as possible inside. It was full of frightened men, women, and children." According to the United Nations, an estimated 390,000 people have been displaced since the start of the year, but actual numbers could be far higher. Over 1,000 people have been killed or injured in the last month alone due to indiscriminate attacks against civilians in Helmand, Kandahar, and Hirat provinces.
Despite the big promises from Taliban rulers to respect women's rights to the international community that the situation will be not like that of 1996-2001, everyone is skeptical about the promises being fulfilled. International observers see these promises by the Taliban to satisfy the international community to gain their trust in Taliban ruling. Currently, the Taliban are in internal talks to form the government. Taliban already confirmed that there would be no democratic government and informed that they would be restoring the Sharia law, which imposes strict rules on women. After the Taliban confirmed that there would be no women in the government formation, women are voicing their concerns. Also, Taliban officials decided that there would be separate female and male colleges. Still, there is much to be clarified regarding the functioning of governments.

It is time for the international community to step up and make Taliban rulers accountable for their actions. Countries like the USA need to fulfill their responsibility as a superpower as it is also partially responsible for the situation in which Afghanistan is currently. The United Nations also has a significant role in making the Taliban rulers respect the rights of women. Let's hope for a better future in Afghanistan.

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