Guide to helping someone who fainted

21 May 2021

Curtain Hug

If you find someone who has fainted, you don’t have to panic and faint; instead should follow some steps like:

Don’t encircle and suffocate that person; give that person a good amount of fresh air, or you can even fan that person if they fainted due to heat.

Give that person water to drink after waking them.

If the person is about the faint, you can immediately place your hand on their head from getting injured.

You can even take some quantity of water in your hand and pour a few drops on that person’s face.

After bringing the person back in their senses, you should ask them to take deep and long breaths.

If a person fainted due to heat, we should lay them under a fan and provide proper ventilation.

Provide the person with some glucose water to hydrate them.

You should ask that person to lie down on the ground or comfortable place near you.

First, you should check for any injuries that that person might have got due to fainting, especially head injuries, and then treat them appropriately.

You should kneel next to that person and raise their legs in a way that you support their ankles on your shoulder to bring back the blood flow.

Help the fainted person to sit up slowly. If they are about to faint again, then make them lie down and if they are unresponsive, check their breathing and start the treatment accordingly.

Do look out to loosen the constrictive clothing of the fainted person as it might be a reason for suffocation.

Try to find cool water and do apply a cool and wet compress to the person’s forehead.

Don’t let the fainted person stand upright until fully recovered.

There are a few points to be noted if a person has fainted:

If that person starts to vomit while unconscious, quickly turns that person and allows the fluid to drain out fully while protecting the person’s airway.

Do not give the person who fainted anything by mouth as it might choke.

Do not shake or slap the person to bring them back to consciousness.

If a person gets severe injuries while falling on an uneven platform, you should consult medical help.

Fainting is quite common due to dehydration and heat, but you should urgently consult a doctor and reach out to the treatment if it happens due to any other reason. If a person feels that they might faint, it’s always better to sit down and place your head between your knees. If your fainting is out of your control, then people will surely help you.