Guide to essential first aids

22 May 2021

Curtain Hug

It is caused due to obstruction in the windpipe. It could make someone unconscious, or even the person could die if the blockage is not removed. The signs of choking include gasping, inability to talk or make noise, grabbing the person’s throat, panicking, and so on.

The basic aids for choking are-

Stand behind the person and lean them forward.

Bring one hand around their waist and another clenching between their navel and rib cage.

Pull the clenched fist sharply backward and upward under their rib cage.

Burns could be caused by heat, chemicals,s or electricity. There are three types of burns.

1th degree burns- These are the minor burns that affect the outer layer of the skin and cause redness and swelling.

2nd-degree burn-This affect two layers of skin and even causes blisters.

3rd-degree burns- These are the significant burns affecting the deeper layers of the skin and leads to the blackening of the skin.

Basic aids are:
Rinse the burned area with cold running water.

One can intake the painkillers if needed.

Do not break any blisters that have formed.

Blisters are the pop-outs that cover the dead skin present underneath it. It is advised to leave alone the tiny and not painful blisters. Popping it would eventually cause a disturbance in the natural process.

If the blisters are large, the aids are-

Wash your hands properly.

Make punctures at the edges of the blister using a clean needle.

Gently take the fluid out.

Bandage it properly and avoid rubbing or pressurizing that area.

It is bleeding from the inside of the nose. Some factors affecting it are dry and hot air, high blood pressure, chemical fumes, cocaine, and other inhaled drugs, etc.

Some basic aids are:

Lean slightly forward.

Pinch below the bridges. Make sure the nostrils aren’t pinched close.

Apply cold packs at the time of pinching.

-Animal bites:
Animal bites may cause various infections, and one must take medical assistance for it.

Some basic aids are:

Clean the wound by putting it under running water for five to ten minutes.

Clean the wound with antiseptic lotions and ointments

Consult the doctor as soon as possible to avoid infections.

The key is to learn basic first aid as it plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives. We often face these kinds of situations where primary support helps in securing the patient.