Effect of Pandemic on Homemakers

12 Feb 2021

Curtain Hug

Effect Of Pandemic On The Life Of Homemakers

The world came to a standstill after the Covid -19 pandemic inflicted havoc across the globe. During the lockdown, everyone understood that being a homemaker isn't a cakewalk. It is indeed a challenging full-time job, working 24 hours incessantly. There are no shifts, no weekends, no bonuses, no leaves. Whether it is a public holiday, a birthday, or a pandemic like Covid-19, homemaker does never-ending work. Acknowledging their work, helping them in these excruciating times can be a small thank you from our side. Although women have been stereotypically associated with cooking meals for the family, washing clothes. In this century, they aren't stipulated to the walls of the house anymore. It is our patriarchal society that takes these sacrifices for granted. They are shouldering responsibilities with men in every field. Many of them have balanced their career and household responsibilities with acumen.
While everybody talked about the pandemic and how it affected various sectors viz. Tourism, Hospitality, Automobile; homemakers remained untalked of. Lockdown had a profound impact on every generation. Be it children, millennials, men, women, senior citizens. Initially, the euphoria was seen everywhere since families were together and everyone enjoyed being together and watching Ramayana, beating thalis, ringing bells. After a while, everyone seemed burdened and seemed to get on each other's nerves. This was accompanied by insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite. With the upliftment of lockdown, offices were opened, but children were still at home. In this situation, feelings of impatience and stress are inevitable. The GOI imposed a nationwide lockdown on 24 March 2020; it was initially for 21 days, extending until 30 May.

The pandemic brought alongside several difficulties:
- Confined to homes for a full day, everyone felt pandemic fatigue, irritation, and exhaustion.
- Because of the dread disease, people were sceptical about keeping housemaids. This soared the workloads of the women.
- Few housewives who didn't know how to drive could not go out to buy groceries and veggies. They had to order either online or ask their husband to buy them. Women missed all that negotiation and bargaining during the lockdown.
- Female teachers who had to take online classes, prepare their children for their studies found it challenging to adapt to online learning. Even if they try to focus, the unstable internet was a problem, and classes were overshadowed.
- Cases of domestic violence also shot up during the lockdown. Since the couples who chose to live in solitude had to live together throughout the day, for weeks.
- Although the norm of work from home seemed to be relaxing. Some housewives felt that this practice has hurled an extra load upon them.
- Single parents have been affected in several ways. They had to look after the children and manage their jobs at the same time.
- Full-time housewives had an extra workload for children and spouses. They had an additional task of keeping the children engaged in activities after the online classes.

Testimonies(Common in a majority of homemakers)
- Only homemade food items were being consumed, homemade remedies like turmeric milk, kadha, vitaminC rich diet.
- Washing and sun-drying the veggies, using sanitisers, disinfectant, washing hands regularly.
- Mounting extra stocks of ration at home to obviate contacting vegetable and grocery seller.
- Routine checkups were interrupted. People with chronic illness couldn't go to hospitals.
- Not using public transport for months, not attending family functions.


Mental health- stressed a bit initially, locked up in the house created tension and fatigue.
Overall experience-Stressed at the beginning but slowly it became acceptable, and now they are fine.

Ways to cope with stress and anxiety are listed below:
- Yoga, Pranayam, exercises, and other rejuvenating activities should be included in the routine to relax the mind and body.
- Drink warm water, take a hot shower, soak the body in sunlight.
- Take giloy, tulsi, ginger, and other herbs along with proper sleep. It will boost immunity.
- Household chores should be assigned to children, which will keep them busy too, and one will get a helping hand. This is the time to congregate and do things together.
- Try to indulge in talks, group chats, gossips. It seems futile but will let you vent your stress and worries up to a great extent.

The pandemic has led us to acknowledge the role of women in our lives. They not only do the heavy lifting in the kitchen; they are the depository of knowledge about nutritious eating in bad or good times.