Caged with lockdown, YEF provides sanitary napkins to thousands in Delhi’s Darbhanga.

10 Aug 2020

Curtain Hug

In the name of saving humanity, we often forget a very important person responsible for the gift of life that we have received. In the race of making ourselves called as developed, we ignore the biggest part of development - the hygiene, safety and security of all women, especially the underprivileged girls who are far away from even the basic necessities of life.
An alerting statistics show that 82 percent of women in India do not know what is sanitary pads or why is it used for? Only 18 percent of girls have access to it. Every year 23 million girls drop out school due to menstruation and thus they remain unaware about it.
Sanitary pads are a basic requirement for living a healthy life. But not every woman is fortunate enough who has access to it. The current scenario of pandemic has put our lives under lockdowns and has made the unfortunate thousands of girls even more deprived.
Youth Empowerment Foundation, an organization for underprivileged children recognized the need for sanitary pads and took the courage to distribute 1000 sanitary napkins to women who do not have the basic amenities of life. They visited the poverty stricken slums in Delhi’s Darbhanga. With their immensely hard working volunteers they had spread a healthy and happiness full life to million houses across the country.
Being an educated and responsible human being, it’s our duty to provide the underprivileged with the basic facilities of life as much as we can. Spreading the awareness about menstruation hygiene will not down pull our status in society; it will rather take us to more blessings and greater heights in our future.