Busting Myths on women and work

15 May 2021

Curtain Hug

Women choose to work less than men:

It is usually estimated that men are more hardworking and determined towards earning. But looking at a holistic point, women work for more hours. They are generally either underpaid or their work is not considered seriously. According to Indian society, the rearing of children and taking care of the house, and working outdoors is not an enormous task that should be commended.
On average, Indian women work 1 hour more per day than men.

2. Increase in women’s income will flourish equality:
People have developed a psychology that women should be paid less even for doing equal work. An increase in women’s income will not serve as a solution for equality, rather economic empowerment would. People should assess their capabilities and believe in their intelligence, and gender equality shall prevail. Reduction is gender inequality gap is inversely proportional to country’s GDP.

3. Investing in women doesn’t pay off:
Women could become an asset for the households as well as the nation if they are taken seriously.
Often, a girl child is removed from the education system to let the boy child study. The girls are considered a burden and are not invested in. But if women get to know about their rights and responsibilities, they could improve the family’s situation. In fact, investment in women will pay up in large percentage.

4. Gender equality is not a problem in developed nations:
Gender equality is still a burning issue discussed in every country. Various nations have made advancements in technology, culture, sex ratio, and so on, but it still buries gender inequality deep in the roots. We often say that women are given equal rights and prominent positions, but the truth is women need to prove themselves at every step and men still get the lead. People commanding the nation, taking important decisions, the head of the family, people in political parties are majorly males. No matter the country is poor, developing, or developed, women still face many challenges to living life on their own terms.

Women are fighting for their rights. They keep crossing every hurdle made by the orthodox society. They have inevitably proved their existence and had shown that they can establish formal relations along with balancing their traditional responsibilities of households and the children. Women around the nation keep struggling and overcoming every obstacle society puts before them. It is a crucial time to support them and make an environment where they can grab the opportunities. A peaceful, economic environment would bust all these myths at once.