23 Jan 2022

Curtain Hug

Today, this article mainly addresses the types of shaming and its effects on one’s life. What does shaming mean? Shaming means making someone feel guilty or embarrassed about his race, skin color, sexual orientation, body appearance. We claim to live in a modern society but, unfortunately, we are narrow-minded in many aspects. Society knowingly or unknowingly has an impact on what we want and whom we want to become. The motive of shaming is to dishonor the person and it is an attempt to kill the identity and the self-confidence of the individual. We generally face shaming and bullying at an early age in schools and colleges. Schools and colleges are the places where we discover many aspects of our life like sexual orientation, religious interests, etc. Now, social media shaming is also very alarming after the arrival of Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately, there are no strong laws in our country to protect the victims from shaming. Now let us discuss different types of shaming.
LGBTQ shaming
It was not until 2018 LGBTQ community was recognized as legal in our country. Even after the historical judgment of the Supreme Court, the mindset of the people of our country is still not ready to accept them. The majority of the parents feel ashamed if their children have a different sexual orientation other than what is considered heterosexual.
Women of our society from time to time suffer from this problem. They are often shamed for the choice of dress they wear. In some rape cases, victims are ruthlessly blamed and shamed for their dressing style. We should be open-minded in such sensitive issues and should not criticize women for the choices they make.

This problem is not only evident in our country but also in the whole world. Even in this modern era, racism is one of the most common problems faced in the world. We should not discriminate against people based on their color. Even in countries like America, the situation is still not fully resolved in the problems concerning racism. Recently, there was an instance in America where a policeman shot a black man that raised the eyebrows of many people in the world. Government should enforce stringent laws to avoid such cruel situations.
Body shaming
Body shaming means making fun of the physical appearance of the individual and making him feel embarrassed. There are different types of body shaming like fat-shaming, thin shaming, shaming of height, shaming of lack of hair, shaming of body’s shape. There is a common misconception that victims, who are subjected to body shaming because they sufficiently do not display masculinity /femininity. Generally, children and teenagers undergo body shaming at an early age. Body shaming can have severe emotional effects on the individual such as lack of confidence, fear of expressing his situations, anxiety, and depression.
Transgender shaming
Often in our movies transgender is depicted for comic relief and is always made fun of, but in reality, they are different. They do not have proper employment and education opportunities. Black Trans women are said to have an average life expectancy of 35 years of age. Transgender people were murdered at a much higher rate than other members of the LGBTQ community. When we shame trans people, use transgender as an insult, or question the validity and existence of transgender identities, we devalue them and create a community where they are disposable.

We should observe that nobody is perfect. Everybody has flaws. Before shaming others, we need to be perfect. Shaming has dire consequences on the psychological and emotional growth of the individual. We must treat everyone equally. So say no to shaming and treat everyone equally.

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