2020- A forgettable year for Artists?

17 Aug 2021

Curtain Hug

I don't think anyone now is unaware of how COVID has changed the lives of all the
people around the world. Some people failed to recover from this virus and thousands
of people lost their jobs. But today, we are going to see how COVID has affected the
lives of different Artists such as Dancers, singers, Stand-up-comedians, Youtubers, and
many more and how they are adapting this "new normal".
We all know that from the past 18 months, we all are stuck at our homes most of the
time, and no live shows are happening. But what about Artists who used to earn from
live shows and that was their only source of income? The answer is- either they are
somehow working online, or they had no option but to change their profession.

Travis Gales, a DJ from North Carolina was struggling to meet his daily expenses as no
live shows were happening and no DJ was required. But his only passion was to play
with songs, so, over the past few weeks, Gales has been live-streaming playlists during
the weekdays and throwback party mixes on the weekend. He links his username for
Cash App, a mobile payment service, in the video description in case folks want to
donate. Those shows, as well as teaching DJ lessons remotely over Zoom. Though he
is not earning what he use to when it was all normal, the good thing is, he didn't leave
his passion.

If we talk about Indian Artists, the situation is not so satisfying as the Indian audience
doesn't see Art as something that can be shown online. Many singers who used to do
live shows on a small scale are struggling to start their work again, in recent times, they
are building their fanbase on social media such as Instagram and Facebook and try to
put regular content over there.

Dance is very famous in India because of the diverse variety of types of dances we
have. And in past few years, many new dancers have established their place in the
Industry. But because of the COVID time, they too are struggling to have secured
income. Many dancers have started giving live lessons on Art of dancing to meet their
daily expenses. The same scenario goes for instrumental players, live classes are their
source of income during these tough times and they have no medium to showcase their
talent and Art galleries and museums are faced up with an uncertain future with online
viewing rooms, virtual exhibitions, and social media outreach. Akshay Kumar, the
famous Indian actor decided to help some artists to help them meet their daily needs.

The actor took the expense of around 3600 dancers and choreographers for the entire
period of 2020 and helped them to start their new work through an online medium.

In recent years, Youtube has been such a platform where many youngsters are
presenting their talent and being productive now and then. But YouTubers who used to
shoot Travel vlogs, are facing difficulty in continuing their work because of Travel
restrictions. "Travelling Paaji" a YouTube channel from Tanmay Sharma where he used
to post his travel journey throughout India and abroad, is not trying to post different
content on the channel to maintain the interest of the audience. He is now posting some
videos of old journeys he did before 2020. Although many travelers like him did travel to
places when there was some relaxation in the early stage of 2021, the second wave of
the virus has forced them to switch their content again.

Art is something that is considered as the heart of a nation as one person connects with
the other through any form of art. But it is very sad to hear cases where artists are
changing their professions because art is the only thing that gives us pleasure and art
taken as a profession, which something which many people dream of. It is our
responsibility as citizens to support all the artists in all the possible ways, and the best
way is to follow them on social media and motivate them to continue working in this new
normal. We don't know when can we expect things to go back to normal and we can go
outside without any layer of fear of getting the virus. But till then, let's show our concern
to the Art society in any way possible.