Status of teachers in India

21 Jan 2022

Curtain Hug

Evolution of education in India-
Education can be known as a power, which can form and transform lives of many. In the beginning, education was known to be about life skills, etiquettes, survival skills, and so on. The subjects that we study and know as education have emerged from these broad genres and have narrowed down to being Math, Science etc. The education in olden times was imparted by a teacher who was called and known as a ‘Guru’ literally translating to mean, a ‘teacher’, and the place where students used to go for studying was not known as a school but a ‘Gurukul’. The guru used to stay in the gurukul and the student also lived with the guru in the gurukul to gain knowledge and education. Thereafter, the modern education system established in India, school and classroom education started to be the traditional form of education wherein, opportunities of making teaching as a career started flowing for individuals interested in teaching and engaging with children. Resulting in the establishment of teacher training courses, and hence advancements in the traditional classrooms like smart classrooms, use of projectors, computer labs etc.
Coming on to the ‘New normal’ is the online mode of education. This mode was introduced to students and teachers a year ago, i.e., 2020. The Whole education system saw a shift from the traditional offline mode of education to the online one due to the unprecedented outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. The education system currently relies completely upon technology and the Internet to minimize any potential loss of students with relation to the procurement of knowledge and hence growth.
Teacher Education in India-
To become a teacher having interest in teaching and engaging with children is not enough! we as individuals Seek courses after they pass out from their school into a course of their interest or in a field where we want to work. Similarly, individuals who are passionate about teaching and engaging with children have to take professional courses to become a teacher. And in India there are certain courses which are open to teacher aspirants,
which are as follows: -
B. El. Ed ( Bachelor in elementary education)
Eligibility- 10+2 pass
D. El. Ed (Diploma in elementary education)
Eligibility- 10+2 pass
D. Ed ( Diploma in education)
Eligibility- 10+2 pass
B. Ed (Bachelor of education)
Eligibility- Graduation degree from any course.
M. Ed (Master of education)
Eligibility- B. Ed degree passed
The above-mentioned courses And their eligibilities show that there is a good provision in India for giving great teachers to our nation. As the training for teaching can begin as early after passing 10 + 2 (12th standard).
Teacher recruitment in India-
Our country has been witnessing a surge in the number of recruitment or job openings for teaching jobs, as they have been taken to improve the quality of education for students as well as to generate opportunities of employment for aspiring teachers. The new education policy 2020 aims to recruit the very best and brightest teachers to enter the teaching profession at all levels, by ensuring teachers their livelihood, respect, dignity and autonomy, while also installing in the system basic methods of quality control and accountability. NEP assures rigorous recruitment and preparation, continuous professional development, positive working environment, service conditions for the teachers and faculty as they are the heart of the learning process. ( Archana Shandilya, August 2021)
Career as a teacher in India-
As we all know and have always heard that teaching is a noble profession, shaping the lives of the youth is a huge responsibility laid upon the shoulders of a responsible individual, and those who take up this responsibility with positivity and enthusiasm are known as ‘teachers’. Teaching conditions in India have improved after the NEP, 2020 was launched and is believed to flourish even more which signals towards a better tomorrow for the students and the teachers. Trained and qualified individuals have a golden opportunity to establish themselves in a teaching career as the NEP 2020 has taken up several initiatives in the favor of teachers and the students.
Benjamin Disraeli said “The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes”. To conclude I would say that, the time has come for the Indian teachers to showcase their abilities and grab suitable opportunities that knock on their door. The conditions are improving and hence the status too!
Therefore, the teacher aspirants should continue working hard and the already established teachers should hold hands of their students and fellow teachers, to extend support and guidance to those in need in these unfavorable times.

- By Smridhi Nangia
Content Writer
Social Journal