Interview With Harshit Tomar

25 Jan 2021

Curtain Hug

Social work is a work of heart and that is very well proved by Harshit Tomar who is a 3rd year B.Tech student from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of technology, Rohini. He is working as a project manager at the Umeed Foundation.

Recently, we conducted an Interview with him. He joined the Umeed in 2018 and since then he's been a part of this amazing foundation. The highlight of the interview are as follow -

Q: Why the name Umeed and what are the primary causes of the NGO?
Umeed - a drop of hope is an NGO that has helped millions of people in respective ways. The ngo work towards the betterment of the society. We not only work for the underprivileged people but we work for the betterment of the environment and animals also.

Q: What are the current projects ?
Answer- The Umeed ngo basically conducts educational classes for the underprivileged student on Sunday at Inderlok, Vishvavidhyalaya, etc. The volunteers not only impart educational knowledge to the kids but they teach them basic manners and etiquettes. The ngo conducted a Pollution Rally to educate people about the harmful effect of pollution and the ways to curb it. The Green India project was launched by the ngo to aware people about the importance of the environment. The Umeed Foundation conduct painting competition, events, etc on the occasion of national and religious festivals. The future aim of the ngo is to open its branches at places where it is not established and to impart knowledge to every kid who lacked it because of poor or less resources.

Q: What is your role in the NGO?
I worked as the project manager at Umeed Foundation. Earlier I worked as a volunteer at the ngo. I got captivated by the working of the ngo and then started attending events of the ngo. Then after realising my enthusiasm towards the ngo, I got promoted as the Project Manager of the Umeed Foundation. I gave an interview and after that I got selected as the Project Manager at Trinagar. I maintain the record of the volunteers there. I also conduct various events like wall painting, etc.

Q: Share your experience while working with the Umeed Foundation
I joined the Umeed Foundation in 2018 and one of my seniors told me about the ngo. Being a technical student I joined Umeed for social service. I never had this preconception in my mind about getting a recommendation or certificate, I joined it for my self-satisfaction. I used to teach the unprivileged students at Tri Nagar, New Delhi. In the starting only few students used to come but slowly and gradually, many students started coming. They also enjoyed when we teach them. Earlier when few students used to come then we felt disheartened but as students displayed immense participation in our classes then we also felt very happy and satisfied.

Q: Any personal belief or message for our readers ?
I just want to say that respect your elders, stay safe, wear mask, and follow every necessary precaution to protect yourself from the covid - 19

Q: Where do you see yourself in the future of this NGO?
I never wish to hold a high position in the foundation. I am working at Umeed just for a noble cause and nothing more.