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The Importance of Dialogue

4 Aug 2021

With technological advancements, one would imagine that communicating and
connecting with people should be easier through face-to-face conversation, phone
conferences, social media, and emails, etc.

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The importance of listening in solving conflicts
- Why it is crucial in solving social issues

2 Aug 2021

Conflicts arise due to clashes of interest, disagreements, or opposing ideas,
creating division between people or groups. They aren’t necessarily personal
conflicts that can have racial, class, caste, political roots too, making them part of
the society.

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30 Jul 2021

All of us have been criticized, sometimes unfairly. We have all criticized others at one
time or another. To be critical is human. To criticize is to pass judgment on something or
somebody out of our interpretation of what is good or bad.

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28 Jul 2021

The renowned economist, Walter Block once said, "Protectionism is a misnomer."
Protectionism is an economic strategy in which the government creates policies to
restrict imports from other countries.

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Rise of violence against women in India

26 Jul 2021

Reading any news about crime against women has become nothing but a daily routine for the
people in India. If talked about the recent news, a 13-year-old girl in Madhya Pradesh was raped
because she was deaf and her eyes were damaged with knifes so that she couldn’t identify her

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23 Jul 2021

Coronavirus has severely affected the lives of people across the globe. All the pleasures of life,
the dreams that were being preserved in 2019, are getting shattered. Millions of people get
affected and the journey of uncountable souls ended during the pandemic.

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A Sanitary Napkins: Necessity or luxury?

21 Jul 2021

The discussion of menstruation remains taboo in most parts of the country, especially in rural
areas. It is no surprise that girls in rural areas face many issues surrounding menstrual
hygiene. This could be seen in the movie Padman as the protagonist highlights the plight of
women regarding the inaccessibility of menstrual hygiene products. Women often use
unhygienic alternatives to tampons or sanitary pads. These include newspapers, cloth, cow
dung, and cloth.

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Rumors of 5g Network in India and its Impact

19 Jul 2021

The successor of 4G is 5G, the fifth generation technology for the broadband cellular
network, deployed worldwide in 2019. Similar to its predecessor, the service area
divides into small geographical areas called cells. The local antenna in the cells
connects 5G devices to the internet and telephone network by radio waves. The
advantages of this network are mainly greater bandwidth, higher download speed, and
the ability to connect to new networks which aren't available by 4G network. Due to its
increased bandwidth, laptops and desktop computers could use this network as the
general internet service provider (ISP).

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Digital Divide

16 Jul 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic caused millions of Indians to work from their homes. It wasn’t uncommon
to see people attending meetings on zoom, students attending online lectures, people buying stuff
online, etc. Information technology played a key role in helping to deal with the uncertainties of the
pandemic. It allowed people’s work to progress undisturbed. But, could everyone reap the benefits of
these technologies?

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14 Jul 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is believed to be in its first stage of development and applied in many
areas even in our daily connections with technology like Google search engine, McCarthy, etc.
Today man is making intelligent machines that can accomplish aims as humans do.

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The Plastic Crisis in India

12 Jul 2021

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Air pollution and climate change

16 Jun 2021

“Of all man’s works of art, a cathedral is greatest. A vast and majestic tree is greater than that.” It’s true boundlessly because somewhere out there, the tree is tirelessly producing oxygen so that I, You, and We can breathe.

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Waste management and climate change

15 Jun 2021

Waste is an inevitable byproduct of human life. We all produce waste no matter in large or small quantities. But the process through which this unavoidable waste is disposed of directs the efficiency of the waste management system prevailing in a region.

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Sustainable development and climate change

15 Jun 2021

Warming global temperatures has affected the environment and human society in disastrous ways. Ocean acidification and warming, rising sea levels, melting of glaciers, rise in hunger due to droughts are a few examples of climate change impacts.

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Climate change and Agriculture

13 Jun 2021

Climate Change is a serious cause of concern as it affects our lives in every possible aspect. It majorly affects our surroundings, and it starts to affect the living beings around us as this environment is the space where we live.

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Loss of biodiversity in India

13 Jun 2021

Biodiversity is the enormous variety of life on earth. Our nation is widely known for the extensive diversification of species it possesses. Some of the valuable species lost in the past years are the dodo bird, the passenger pigeon, Dillnoffia, etc.

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Guide to helping someone having a seizure

9 Jun 2021

The human brain bears the complex circuit all along. Typically, it produces orderly patterned, continuous, tiny electrical impulses that travel along the brain cells’ neurons throughout the body via its chemical messenger called a neurotransmitter to regulate muscle tone, movement, and posture.

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First aid for shock

5 Jun 2021

Niels Bohr once said: “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” That’s how our body is; we all ignore its small indications unless the situation becomes worse.

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First aid for heat strokes

4 Jun 2021

Usually, the excess growing body temperature is cooled by the process of sweating. But on hot days, this process slows down, and the body constantly gets heated. This cause heat strokes.

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A Guide to helping someone having a panic attack

2 Jun 2021

On their way to school, Sneha asked Manju if she was worried about the results of their mid-term exams as she was a bit tensed about them. Manju scoffed at her as she knew Sneha was going to secure the first rank anyway.