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Charity Frauds– what is it and how you can protect yourself

2 Feb 2022

‘Dānena bhūtāni vashībhavanti dānena vairānyapi yānti nāšam| paro’pi bandhutvamupaiti dānairdana hi sarvavyasanāni hanti’

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Giving and philanthropy

1 Feb 2022

The words giving and philanthropy are often used interchangeably, but there’s a difference between the two.

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31 Jan 2022

Cyberbullying has been identified as an important problem amongst youth in the last decade and it is necessary that we act on it.

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Custodial Death And Role Of Judiciary - A Critical Analysis

30 Jan 2022

Custodial death is one of the worst crimes in a civilized society governed by Rule of Law.

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The Enduring problem of Illegal constructions in India's Cities

25 Jan 2022

The governmental authorities do have a mechanism to break through this unlawful cycle of activities, but still these practices take place. However, to completely eradicate these activities the citizens and the law have to work together. The municipal corporation should still stiffen their counter-attack plans even more to help eradicate this problem completely from our country.

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Unsustainable Tourism Development

24 Jan 2022

Sustainable tourism is not just the responsibility of the governing body or local residents. As tourists and travel enthusiasts it is as much our responsibility to make sure the heritage and cultural richness of a place is not degraded because of our negligence and lack of respect for local traditions. It would be a great contribution in the long run if we could just remember to dispose our waste properly and use local resources judiciously.

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23 Jan 2022

Shaming has dire consequences on the psychological and emotional growth of the individual. We must treat everyone equally. So say no to shaming and treat everyone equally.

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An Eye on Nutritional Security in India

22 Jan 2022

Food and nutritional security is a multifaceted process that requires assistance from various sectors of the country. Each sector is the key to becoming a secure nation in terms of nutrition and health. This also means taking lessons from the emerging economies such as China, Brazil and South Africa (BRISCA). The biggest lesson being, increasing the per capita expenditure on healthcare.

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Status of teachers in India

21 Jan 2022

Benjamin Disraeli said “The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes”. To conclude I would say that, the time has come for the Indian teachers to showcase their abilities and grab suitable opportunities that knock on their door. The conditions are improving and hence the status too!
Therefore, the teacher aspirants should continue working hard and the already established teachers should hold hands of their students and fellow teachers, to extend support and guidance to those in need in these unfavorable times.

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20 Jan 2022

Ageism’, is a term which refers to stereotypes (how we think) about/towards others or our own selves based on the ‘Age’.

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Drug addiction and Youth

19 Jan 2022

So, choose hugs not drugs! Drugs are never a solution to the problems in one's life. It gives temporary space , temporary pleasure but can never solve one's problem. So , one should never rely on drugs to find pleasure or peace instead should solve the problem by consulting someone.

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13 Jan 2022

Future agriculture will use sophisticated technologies such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology. These advanced devices and precision agriculture and robotic systems will allow farms to be more profitable, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly.

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12 Jan 2022

Today, the Illiteracy in India is quite a big question for the government. It is very important to eradicate the branch and roots of the illiteracy in India for making the life of the people happy and flourishing. It is true to say that only the government cannot handle the difficult mission of eliminating illiteracy in India. People have to volunteer to carry out this national obligation so that the drive of eradicating illiteracy in India can turn into a huge mass movement.

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11 Jan 2022

‘Bullying’ has been described as, the behavior of a person which hurts or harms someone less powerful or making someone do something, that they do not wish to do, usually it is done intentionally.

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10 Jan 2022

A disciplined person will never get into chaos so often than that for a careless person. Professional Life goals appear more simplified and achievable when you are disciplined and consistent in your efforts about achieving your short term targets causing satisfaction and a zeal to work even harder. Conversely, it can be disastrous for an organisation if its leaders are not disciplined.

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Online mode of education and its impact on mental health

5 Jan 2022

It is a huge responsibility of the faculty, parents and other family members, to keep a track on their students and their physical and mental health status. Bonny Barr, from the Creighton University states that 75% of the mental illnesses start at the young age before 24.

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2 Jan 2022

As citizens of a progressive society, we should be socially responsible and conscious enough to do our part of our duty to help disabled persons make basic facilities accessible for them. It is utterly disappointing that even though India claims to embrace and accept disabled people as part of human diversity, very few measures are taken to make the public space better for them. It can be attributed to the fact that disabled persons are treated as minorities and the lack of efforts by the government to enforce strict laws which promote the rights of disabled people.

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Safety of sanitation workers first

1 Jan 2022

Sanitation workers are at an increased risk of becoming ill from waterborne diseases. To reduce this risk and protect against illness, such as diarrhea, safety measures should be put in place for workers and employers.

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25 Dec 2021

Recreation at regular intervals is very much necessary for an individual for the overall holistic growth of that person. But I suppose travelling, wandering and accumulating such crowds in places is not the only option for recreation at this critical time.

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Curbing the Menace of Woman and Child Trafficking

22 Dec 2021

It is not that our government lacks policies or legislative acts against such a heinous crime but the real drastic problem in the Indian system lies in the implementation and monitoring of such policies by a strong executive wing of our government. It is not that we don’t have great minds but the real thing is that we are not utilising those great minds for ideas and strategy which can extirpate this evil from our basic grassroot level.