Indian Queer Alliance

Indian Queer Alliance

Every individual has a right to equality and every person whether male or female should be considered equal. Females should be given equal rights as men in order to continue the prevalence of equality. In the race of using the word “equality”, we often forget a major and very important part of our society that is LGBTQ community. In this self- contained society, it is our duty to take a minute from our artificial busy schedule to do something for LGBTQ people.

Indian Queer Alliance is one such organization who works for spreading awareness and tries their level best to help these people. This organization helps the LGBTQ people to overcome the negativeness which are already present in the society and which makes it difficult for the people to live an equal and respectable life. I was fortunate enough to interview the founder of Indian Queer Alliance, Aditya Bhura, who is just 17 right now but the knowledge and willingness that he has for the LGBTQ community is appreciable.

When I asked about how they help LGBTQ community, he said social inequality can be seen everywhere in the society till date whether in social gatherings or work place, which makes it look even worse. The lack of support makes it tough for every human being to live life freely. It’s very important to provide support in whichever kind we can. Thus Indian Queer Alliance in one such organization which has made a platform for queer community people so that they can connect, gain resources and can engage themselves in community building activities which will empower, strengthen and motivate them to fight for their rights. We should make such a world where people can enjoy life, security without any kind of fear. This organization has lot of groups and committees where people actively work for promoting health care, education, equality and human rights of queer community. He mentioned clearly that the members and people are so strong and bold.

Undoubtedly, people of belonging to this community carry a lot of strength with them; Aditya mentioned that these people are so talented and dynamic. There are various personalities who belong to this community, which makes it the best thing about this community. We find many inspiring stories from these people which motivate us from time to time.

Confidence is an integral part of our lives which always pushes us to do things even better. IQA as an organization tries its best to boost and increase the level of confidence in these people as they face various sorts of hardships every day in the society. There are groups of people who work and share the inspiring stories and this gives a lot of confidence as their community is being represented.

When I asked about the difficulty faced while fighting with this stereotype society and providing justice to these people, he stated that there are lot of people who are working on this perspective. Education plays a very big role in this because if people are not educated enough to understand the pain and sufferings by these people, their mind won’t change. So this organization follow the same process, they talk to them, educate them and try to make people understand their emotions.

With the help of support groups and fund raisers, the organization helps the community people. Also the team is planning to provide the basic necessity like food packets to make it easier for people to live their life.

Marriage is a personal choice and thus every person should have right for it, when it was asked about his say on marriage rights and divorce rights for queer people, he claimed that if other individuals have the right to practice whether marriage or divorce, why LGBTQ people should be excluded from it, because they are humans as well.

He stated that till date if the government has given or done something for this community is just that the queer people will not be jailed. It legalized same sex relationship. But they need protection and many more rights are still to be provided. The stigma will break some time and people will definitely become more accepting, if the people are educated properly.

Therefore, every individual on this planet is a human so let’s help them in some way and let’s make them realize that it’s their society as well.