Helping Hand

Reviving hope for a TB patient after he lost his job due to covid-19, YEF paved a path for his future.
The global burden and mortality that Tuberculosis brings is very well known, also the mental rough that comes with an illness of this gravitas is inevitable.
Mr. Chander Singh is suffering from TB, which has terribly infected his leg but still remains undaunted in spirit. “I have faith in my own utility and do all that I can to feed my family” shares Mr. Singh. “I am not accustomed to be helpless, to the contrary, I love being the rock for others. I live my life without discussing my advancing TB or missing a day at work, it is my point of pride” he added.
But life took a complete turn with the COVID-19 crisis and brought his life to a standstill. Which was when he contacted us through our Helpline Number.
We recognized his need and he was promised a job by the YEF so that he is able to earn his living and also transferred Rs.1000 to his account for him to buy the essentials.
It gives us immense joy to help people like Mr. Chander Singh. The glimpse of happiness and gratitude in their innocent eyes is a jovial heartfelt feeling for us.
As famously quoted by Albert Einstein “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” We’ve taken a small step to ensure Mr. Chander Singh’s health by providing him and his family with ration and thus bring hope, in these times of crisis.
Here’s wishing Mr. Sing a speedy recovery and by bringing you his story we hope that we can sponge up his might and remain undaunted during our testing times.

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