Be The Change

Be The Change

The world is full of different people of different behaviours with different circumstances. Not every individual is lucky enough to born in a rich family or even in a middle class family. Thus, the ratio of underprivileged people is very high and there is an urgent need to think about this before time makes it even worse. There are some organizations who realized this need within due time span and they are doing a phenomenal work to help not only the unprivileged individuals but helping the society as a whole to become the best creation of human existence.

I was fortunate enough to have an interaction with one such organization called “Be the Change”. The organization from last two year making everything possible for the unfortunate people. Lavanya Gudeli, the founder of this organization knows the pain and sufferings of the underprivileged people which inspired her to start this organization. Be the Change is dedicated to helping poor women and spreading the awareness of menstrual hygiene and distributed free of cost sanitary napkins every month to around 150 – 200 women. The race has not been ended to making women aware of such things but the organization also focuses on old age homes, orphanages and running food drives.

Life becomes easy to live and enjoy when we believe in ourselves. Lavanya believes this as a reason for her organization’s success and strength. According to her, a living person is the one who never stops no matter whatever happens.

In the race of achieving success, moving your eye from the target will remove you from the traffic of success. Being the founder of an NGO who works for helping the poor often makes you feel hurt when people start offensive things. When asked about how to handle such situations, her answer was so calming that if you are doing something with good intention and don’t want to cause any harm to someone, you do not have to prove yourself to the world that you are good, your work will automatically prove it.

Through sharing her experience she said, that providing education to poor children is also not easy and the most difficult part is convincing them and their parents and making them realize that how important is education today? In the major part of our country India, children are responsible to earn for their family which reduces the mentality of their parents to send them for education because they think this will reduce down their family’s income.

Goals play a very important role in any organization’s success. Women empowerment and working for women is the major goal this organization focuses upon. Making women aware about the menstrual hygiene and boosting them with confidence is the main aim for the organization.

Government plays a very important role whether it’s about our rights, education field and policies for our betterment. When I asked that should government impose any policies for the children who do not have proper access to education, she said, there are number of schemes which are made especially for the poor from which they can be benefitted but 90% of people don’t know how to access it? There is lack of information and lot of gap between government and the people. There is no use of any policy made, if not given clear instructions or information about it.

As a human being, it is a basic behavior of anyone to expect something in return if you are giving something to someone but Lavanya believes that every individual and government should work collectively to help this society overcome the concept of unfortunate people. If this is done with good intention then we can define the actual word of humanity.

In this race of life, we should perform our best in every field, because performing is in our hands and forming the result is in god’s hand. Thus, it is rightly said, if man proposes, god disposes.