An insight into the life of a volunteer at YEF!

A volunteer forms the base of any organization. They give way to the objectives and help them spread at a larger level. One beautiful and hard-working volunteer is Akankshya Pradhan. She hails from a place named Sambalpur in Odisha. With big dreams of becoming an HR Manager, she is currently pursuing her MBA. So, let’s witness her journey as a volunteer of Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF).
Akankshya came to know about YEF through Internshala, a platform which employs many students out there. After getting selected she was added to the group. Currently, she has served 37 people in total and aims to serve more 50 people. A brilliant start to her journey of becoming an altruist!
What role did you portray being a part of YEF?
“I was responsible for collecting funds for the organization. Until now, 6000 INR has been altogether collected by me”, said Akankshya with pride. People who donated were her family, friends and a bunch of unknown. Her work has nothing to do with education sector but she highlighted some important points.
On being asked about the preference of education in rural areas, she stated, “Due to lack of awareness and gender inequality prevailing in my area, mostly the son of the family is sent to school.”
The educational system needs improvisation!
The government is keen on promoting campaigns like “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”, but the taboo regarding educating your daughters still persists. Further she also stated that the only thing that needs to change when we compare the education system of India with foreign countries is, ‘Digitalization’.
Akankshya’s primary area was to distribute the necessities and raise funds. Her constant reminder to help people and contribute to the foundation made her raise such a huge amount. But her inner self feels that she has lacked somewhere and if the time duration would have been more, she could have gathered an enormous amount of funds, Well, the confidence she carries is amazing.
“What comes, goes around", Akankshya believes in the philosophy that good work starts from home.
She states that for an NGO to be successful, “Objectives should be clear and they should reach out to the local areas initially. Volunteers, you know and can be trusted should be appointed.” It’s precisely stated that ‘Start from your home’, Akankshya believes that an NGO should start doing good work from their proximity.
Akankshya being a part of YEF has improved her several personality traits. Altogether, now she as a confident girl with the urge to help. Her communication skills and social network has also grown in this process. “People know about me in my area, I work at this age is what makes me proud”, says Akankshya.
The vibe that YEF creates is enchanting!
Her journey with YEF has been amazing, the work she has done has received huge amount of appreciation. Also, the vibe and environment YEF creates for their employees and volunteers is what attracts people to this foundation, as stated by Akankshya.
YEF: Helping mankind!
She states the only area YEF should work on is, “I have given names of people to whom the necessities or ration should be delivered. Due to lack of some funds, it hasn’t been yet processed. So, just send them the necessities that’s all I want.” YEF being a non-profitable organization has shortage of funds at time but still achieves its goal.
YEF ensures that no one dies of hunger and everyone gets education facility. Well, under several projects like Project MILAAP, Humari Paathshala, it has been able to provide a decent lifestyle to many.
The budding star: Akankshya Pradhan!
Akankshya has been like a bright star to this organization. Her work has been commendable, being a student the constant promotion and digital marketing skills she has acquired is praiseworthy.
YEF has provided an engaging platform and polished her skills. She from the bottom of her heart sends regards to this foundation. That was the journey of this pretty child!!

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