A step towards a literate world

Every human being is born free but doesn’t live like it. Everyone doesn’t have all the facilities of life to live an educated life or stomach filled life. As a fortunate individual, who doesn’t have all, but most of the amenities of life carry some due responsibility of contributing to the society on which they are putting their weight.
One such organization who helps the unfortunate people to contribute in the making of a better world is “Youth Empowerment Foundation”. It is a non – profit organization who contributes in the making of an educated and literate world by providing their level best education to the underprivileged children, with the help of their skilled volunteers. They try to reach every unfortunate corner of the world.
I was fortunate enough to interview an amazing personality, the President of YEF, Mr. Rambabu Sharma. He feels that education is a field which is lagging behind with proper level of resources. There are lots of unfortunate people who are away from all these facilities. People don’t have proper knowledge about education or about its significance because they don’t have resources to teach themselves because of which they are not able to grab the opportunities which are waiting for them with open hands. He finds very difficult to convince people about the impact which their education will put on their future and because of this drawback, they tend to adopt dropping their studies as an option for which they are often compelled to do.
Starting an NGO and maintaining it are two different things. Maintaining any organization is a very difficult and patient task. He believes, every organization starts with funding. In commencing any task, there are tons of challenges that we come across. In early stage when the organization is not in profits, we face difficulties in raising funds, because of which we are unable to employ any volunteer. So, challenges are everywhere, just the thing is we need to maintain our patience and the fire inside to do something.

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