“YEF helped me grow as a person”, says Sonal Rai; Know about the squad of YEF!

“YEF helped me grow as a person”, says Sonal Rai; Know about the squad of YEF!

“YEF Rapid Response Helpline reaches out people who need help in monetary or groceries aspect.” In conversation is Sonal Rai, the organizer of webinars and an important part of the YEF team. She supervises every sect. in YEF and makes sure to help every resource-deprived person.

What fascinate you towards YEF, especially when there are other NGO’s as well?

“Well, initially I didn’t know about YEF and started off by taking interview of an intern. Gradually, things came in place and my passion towards working for the welfare of people grew. I always wanted to do job in HR sector”, said Sonal confidently.

Sonal is pursuing her Masters in Psychology. She has been an ambivert person for quite long and was hesitant to speak to other people as well. Until lockdown happened and she crossed paths with this foundation. From then she has been growing constantly, not only as a teammate but also at an individual level.

YEF has its own Rapid Response Helpline. Could you share some insight on the working of this helpline?

On being asked about this Sonal stated that YEF Rapid Response Helpline reaches out to the beneficiaries and helps them with their issues. YEF itself has many departments which tend to spread this helpline to as many people as possible. There are various strategies that they use for social media marketing.

“We also have the number on our website. If any YEF volunteer finds someone who need immediate help, they can report us about the same. To prevent fake calls, we have our own verification team as well”, Sonal added further.

How did you become a part of this journey? What’s one trait that you inherit which makes you a perfect fit for YEF?

Sonal was confident about this answer, she said “(Haha) I must say my leadership qualities and confidence made me reach to this level in 4 months of time span. Innovation results in growth, I always try to present ideas which help the foundation grow at a bigger level.”

Confidence reflects in the way you speak and through your gestures. Sonal has a charming personality which appeals the audience. In her journey up till now, her social circle has expanded and that wouldn’t have been possible without YEF for sure.

Are there any suggestions or objectives that you set for YEF in future?

“I believe in the fact that work in the present and leave the rest to the future. YEF is doing a great job and there are no changes that I would suggest. Obviously, it will grow more and expand to reach out to a wider audience. I’m fortunate enough to be a part of this organization.”

Moreover, Sonal stated in a joyous mood that she wants to work more for this organization. “I have been loving my experience and hopefully would learn more in the future. I’ll make sure YEF’s goal is achieved and it continues helping the unprivileged.”

Sonal has been an amazing cheerleader for the foundation. YEF loves the way she beautifully presents her ideas and implements them. A kind heart with a sharper mind defines Sonal Rai!