“Intentions must be clear, in order to do something good”; Journey of four human helping hands!!

“Intentions must be clear, in order to do something good”; Journey of four human helping hands!!

Every NGO has its own niche which it targets and works on. In conversation are two altruists, Hera Ahmad and Adhya Gupta, who have been a part of NGO’s and have devoted their time to make it rise. Let’s witness their journey!

Hera is a Journalism student and knows the importance of awareness regarding social issues amongst the youth. Adhya on the other hand is a BBA student. She tackles all the stuff related to digital marketing of the NGO.

How and when did you commence your journey?

Hera proudly states, “I have always been fascinated to help the needy. My relative runs an NGO in Delhi and we have our own small foundation in Patna. Since childhood, I have been a part of the events but after 12th I became more active.”

But Adhya wasn’t a person who would stop at one destination, she has been working for 3 NGO’s, i.e. Naya Sawera, Ek Pahel and Arise Society. “I have been working as an intern but it feels like a family. I have learnt to deal with issues of people as if they are my own. My journey started when I was instructed to work with a private organisation.”

For Adhya, the niche of the three NGO’s maybe different but the aim to promote the welfare of others stays the same. It is important to note that the lively spirit and the happy-go-vibes these girls spread are so inspiring.

On being asked about the main moto of their organization, they both had quite synonymous answers. “The NGO promotes education for women and children, that are supposed to be the most vulnerable parts of the society. Not just we give them awareness but we do hear their problems as well”, said Hera.

Adhya confidently stated, “If I start explaining in brief about the three NGO’s, it will get messy (she chuckles). So, to summarize it, Ek Pahel’s moto was child education and women empowerment. Naya Sawera focuses on child education and helping old-age people. And Arise Society has three tiers which covers the issues mentioned.”

Well, she surely has a lot of work to do. So, what quality do you inherit that makes you a perfect fit to be a volunteer for an NGO?

“I’m confident and willing to work for the welfare of the people. I don’t opt out of things or scenarios. Example: COVID just made me stronger and I started working for two more NGO’s which now gets hectic because of online classes (laughs)”, continued Adhya.

On the other hand, Hera thinks that you don’t need any skill to work for an NGO, all you need is a clean heart filled with selflessness. If you want to something and have the strong inner desire, nor Allah or Bhagwaan can stop you from achieving something.

There’s not a huge difference between the opinions of Hera and Adhya. Both of their perspective derives from the conditioning their family has given.

“I believe gender disparity plays an important role when it comes to educating their children. The son of the family is considered to earn where as the agenda the rural families set for their daughters is just to get married. That’s where our NGO plays a key role”, said Hera when asked about the reason behind the illiteracy rate of women exceeding men.

YEF promotes education and welfare of others, so do many such organizations. What factor do you believe plays a major role in starting/ running an NGO?

“Intention i.e. Niyat (in Hindi)! Some people start NGO’s to gain money through monetary transactions, some for fame while others use this as a source to continue their illegal activities like sex trafficking, etc. Unless and until your intentions are not clear, you won’t achieve anything. Everything should come straight from your heart”, asserts Hera.

Adhya has a practical approach to everything. So, she stated, “Start being aware of what’s happening around you and approach people in your proximity to rise and shine like a star!”

Both of these girls are just rocking it and are working for an organization which doesn’t deviate from its path in any condition just like YEF. It was a fun interaction with these teenagers and it’s nice to see people coming out to help others!!