“Challenge doesn't need time to solve, rather courage to sort.”

“Challenge doesn't need time to solve, rather courage to sort.”

Life is full of challenges, but not everyone is able to overcome them alone. Life has given every human being all the basic amenities but unfortunately not every individual is able to access it. A responsible human who is present on this planet has some due responsibility to help those people who are not even aware about the beauties of life. Robinhood Army is one such NGO which tries their level best to make the invisible, visible for those who are unable to access the amenities of life and its beauty.

I was privileged enough to interview one of the very hard working volunteer of Robinhood Army, Ankit Bharara, who has accomplished an amazing status for himself while keeping in mind about his contribution in serving the society. He has completed Hotel Management from Australia, and worked as a chef. Later he contributed his skills in Hotel Marriott, Jaipur as a chef. After achieving all such amazing accomplishments, he never stopped himself from trying new fields which not only gave him new learning but also challenged his comfort zone. He later joined Genpact following with Infosys, where he is putting all his efforts not just to widen the area of knowledge for himself but also to contribute a great share to the society by his fabulous skills.

Robinhood Army or RHA is a volunteer based zero fund organization which works to get surplus food from restaurants or food gatherings or marriages and distribute it to the less fortunate people in the society. As of now, they have 58,000 robins or volunteers who are associated with it. They are serving in 180 countries around the globe.

When I asked about why he joined Robinhood Army to contribute, his words were really very overwhelming. He talked about cooking 40 to 50 meals every weekend for the poor and tried to contribute his efforts to cherish their lives. His main aim is to fill all those unfortunate lives with abundance of food so that not a single person sleeps hungry. Adding on to this he said that Robinhood Army works in two fields: Academic drives which is called as Robinhood academy, in which all the volunteers go to visit slums and share their knowledge with the children to strengthen their basic knowledge and prepare them for their school admissions. They also train them for their bright future. The second one is where they collect food as per the call received from the restaurants and other places and distribute in slums or basties.
The feeling in every robin to serve the society is the biggest strength and the reason behind this organization’s success, according to Ankit. Because they all believe in not letting any single individual to return to bed empty stomach. He believes that a human being can live without clothes but if we don’t get our proper meals, we’ll go crazy.

Robinhood army is a zero fund organization which runs by collecting food from various restaurants and different sets of people. But as there was a time when complete nation’s financial cycle was on hold and no one was able to access their own money, as all the restaurants were shut but some stood strong and raised their hand of help for all the unfortunate people whose body and soul were running out of food.
He also talked about a great mission that was organized by Robinhood Army in the mid of pandemic for reaching 30 million poor people for providing them with the needful and calling this as an Independence Drive. It’s not just due to this pandemic that these robins planned this mission, they assume this as their due responsibility to spread happiness by means of food in every individual’s life.

Challenges are everywhere, just the need of the hour is to find solutions for those challenges. Robinhood Army sorted their way out to reach such a big number of 30 million people to help, it was all just because of the hard work and the sweat dropped by these robins.

When I asked him about how they handle the situations where sometimes people don’t understand the good intention behind a helping hand and they start abusing volunteers who are there for their sake, on this he gave me a very soothing answer that patience is a common key to various doors. Similarly, he mentioned that initially people doubted them and their intention but with the passage of time people started knowing them and started recognizing them. It just needs a road of calmness and some and time to make a friend.
As we all know that goals play a very important role in any organization’s success. The major and most important goal of every robin is that no one sleeps hungry. It can be regarded as a good intentioned brain wash to not let any individual to sleep with jumping rats in their stomachs.

With the conversation, I was able to identify a very sensitive human being inside Ankit, who has the fire to help as much people as he can and he believed that all this was just because of the support of his family and friends who helped him a lot at this emotional stage. He termed this success as a joint effort of not only all the robins but of their families as well, who took the courage to send these people out in the globe of coronavirus.

When I asked about a situation that if he was not in Robinhood to serve the society, how would he then manage to contribute his skills in the society? He gave a very touching answer that he might have continued his work as a chef and would have prepared meals for the poor people.

Making people realize their duty for the society is the first step for helping less fortunate people. Every individual is born equal with equal level of amenities; just the need is to erase the fog frozen in front of those opportunities.