Uday Arora, a boy in his fifteen joined as a Fundraiser with YOUTH EMPOWERMENT FOUNADTION to contribute for the people in need. His urge to understand real situation and serve under privileged on the ground level made him ask to change his domain as a volunteer.

He says working YEF ensures him that his help is going to reach needy of this society. His belief in his team and their subtle coordination with one and only motive to reach and help those no one reaches. The transparency of work that YEF maintains and is being experienced by him being in fundraising department motivates him more for his honest and dedicated work. It’s been just around two months that he has been working for the foundation, but the utter joy and happiness he has experienced makes him continue his work with YEF. YEF let him volunteer even when he joined for the other department clearly reflects that the foundation just wants people like to contribute in whichever way, they find is best.
He has currently been working in remote areas of Rewari, Haryana for distributing food and grocery essentials in the times of COVID-19 pandemic.
I tried asking him a few questions to have a clear insight about his perspectives and how things in YEF works:
Uday, what exactly motivates to you at such attender age to work for needy people in the society??
He in his calm voice mentioned that because of my political family background and the reality I have been seeing since a very young age …
He even said that the remote areas that YEF helps them reach gives him more motivation and pleasure to be able to contribute for the society.
Ok, so what do you think after working for months distributing groceries, was there any help provided before by any governmental organizations?
By far what I have seen and realized is that there was no help and we have had tried to contribute as regularly as possible. We have even tried to ensure that we reach the “Right Needy”, he said.
“Right needy”?
Yes, something he meant was the ones who need. He says, I have experienced while distributing that many of those try to enter those lines eagerly waiting for the Rashaan to fill their and their family stomach. We make sure to use verification methods for them using their Adhaar cards or some other identification proofs
But how can identity cards be used as a way to verify the person is really needy? Can u please give a better clear insight to the entire process?
For sure,
So, we start off with research.
We go to places prior distribution to search for the people who are in need and try to form a list of such.
There only we collect identity cards images, so the next time we go we can distribute it to the right people and also reach such people without any problem in those remote areas.
We even provide them with mass, essentials for maintaining sanitization at times of pandemic to assure safety for both, the team and the people.
We even check their temperature and maintain proper procedures to keep ourselves and the people safe.
If we get people who are still in need and have not been mentioned in our list to provide them the “Rashaan kits”.

Let’s ensure safety
You have been doing really great work? How your friends and family see to this. How do you think you have created an influence on your teenagers like you to work for such noble cause!
Umm, in his sincere voice he said my family has always supported me and never questioned about my work. Also, for my friends they use to think initially that what I have been doing.
But now when they see me working with YEF on their social media channels and in general, gives them a positive side to see for our team’s work. Now they even show their interest in serving the needy people.
It really feels great being able to bring a change.
Really great, and how do you feel after serving to the needy section of the society?
I feel immense pleasure and sense of relief that I am being able to contribute to needy people and also work with YEF to be able to reach the “Right Needy”.
Thank you so much Uday, lastly can you tell me what are your future plans, once you join your schooling.
For sure, so what if I start my schooling there are so many children who have difficulties gaining education, I have been planning to work with YEF to reach such children and teach them whatever and however possible. I Believe YEF will always help and support volunteers like to reach the needy and help them.

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