This too shall pass

This too shall pass

"The only way to look forward is to keep walking and assuring ourselves of the silver lining that will soon brighten our lives. The times are hard, but an affirmative attitude can make us win. Humanity, which was in question in recent times does exist; the selfless nature with which people are helping each other within their capacity shows the solidarity among human beings which cannot even be barred with borders.

Though every day we are discussing our health, discussing the list of symptoms shared by the medical institutions, still there is another suffering caused by the virus but not being detected with tests. Most of the people are down because of it, but unfortunately, we are ignoring it and that is ‘Mental health’. Everybody is facing their set of struggles and feeling tangled and lost in life because of the ongoing crisis. Panic attacks, emotional breakdowns, and anxiety is killing people on an emotional level. It is not restricted to any particular age group and perhaps all are victims, though the reason varies from person to person. The problem with society is that people highlight MENTAL of Mental health, and so the ones who need help remain silent to avoid criticism and judgments passed by others.

We all can contribute and we all should contribute. If you are wondering how then pick up the phone and talk. Talk to people in your circle and beyond. Mental health is important and shouldn’t be ignored. Today, when some are fighting with the virus in the body, the others are fighting with its effects in mind. It is high time to normalize mental health issues while having a war with the virus. Normalize therapy, going to psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.

Talking can do wonders for those in trouble.

Let’s just begin with our immediate contacts and amplify it beyond. It would build more sound heads and bodies to win the war against these grim times and eliminate the COVID virus from our lives. At the end of the day, the decision is yours: To be the force to fight against the misery or crib and add on to misery. MAKE A WISE ONE.

Cheers to solidarity and a positive attitude (but do take all the precautions to keep the COVID report NEGATIVE).