Sex education in India

Sex education in India

An individual can travel to the time when 'chapter-8: Reproduction in Human Beings' was taught in class 10. That used to be the shortest chapter as the teacher used to avoid the topics and the terms. Everyone could feel the silence in the room and the slow sound of laughter.

In the era of technological advancement and growing connectivity establishing across the globe, the discussion about the sensitive issue of sex education has become a necessity. India, being a vast nation is sustaining the majority of the adolescent population. Social media has influenced the youths and changed their mindset about sexual things. They have started feeling that sex is the act of misbehaving and torturing the other gender. They are never given proper education to make them realize what it truly is. To gather information about it, people rely on newspapers, the internet, and mainly on pornography. These sources manipulate the people and are irrelevant. They depict misleading details like unrealistic body type, abuse, violence, and mainly unsafe sex.

In a country like India, the word 'sex' is considered a crime. Culture and ethical values add fuel to fire and scientific theories are ignored profoundly. Studies have shown that the majority of parents do not provide sex education to their children. This sensitive topic is always avoided at home. Talking about it is thought to be a dirty thing. We have always felt that awkward silence at the time of any advertisement like a condom, sanitary pads, or whenever any intimate moment is shown up on the television screens. It is believed that Sex education will corrupt the younger generation.

In school, sex education is still a far-fetched reality. In most cases, teachers are unwilling to take up this topic even though it is part of the curriculum. We have often witnessed at schools, whenever a discussion about such issues takes place, boys and girls are separated. At times when schools conduct events on the menstruation cycle, only girls become a part of this biological class. Many times the boys do not even know about this natural process occurring with females. Not aware of the biological changes, they make fun of and abuse their friends.

This lack of knowledge regarding this issue directs people to make decisions that will negatively affect their entire life. As a result, young people are inadequate to form healthy relationships and make better sexual choices. Indian society being orthodox knows every way to put the girl child down. In some regions, girls are told to miss schools once they start menstruating. People consider it impure and made the girl believe it too. It gives birth to gender stereotypes. Improper education results in unsafe sex which later results in unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and so on.

Not everyone is opposing sex education. Several series, movies are made to generate awareness on this issue. The government has initiated several policies and events to create awareness. Schools should conduct events to normalize the terms with the children. Their focus should also be on the physical, mental, and hormonal changes of both genders. There should be interactive sessions on such issues. Apart from this, parents are considered as the primary teachers. They should take the responsibility of making their child aware of the important things. The child should be on good terms with his/her parents. If youngsters are given proper education on sex, they will be able to make decisions on their own. It will help them to take proper measures in their lives.