Police brutality

Police brutality

Police brutality comes into place when the guards of the people exploit the citizen's basic rights. Several major fights, lethal choking, gunfire, and uneven actions have been present cases of Police brutality in the United States and most of the acts are not even backed with reasons. The police officers are endowed with enormous power because of the essence of their work routine and so it happens like sometimes they misuse this power. The officers experience a lot of unlawful activities daily which compels them to act cruelly. Police brutality even has a positive impact that it helps to control the increasing rate of crime, as people might fear this brutality which may restrict them from doing any crime. The more disturbing case of police brutality is doing it on racial grounds.

This reminds us of the case of George Floyd who was killed by the white policeman after the shopkeeper’s claim that he had made a counterfeit of $20 bill for cigarettes. George Floyd was pinned down beneath the policeman’s legs for 9 minutes until he became unconscious and dead. This act of police brutality was based on racial discrimination as the policemen would have taken legal charges against him but they took a severe step of killing him. The inhumane act led to the worldwide condemnation “BLACK LIVES MATTER” where the people came out on the streets to raise their voices. Another example of Police brutality is Custodial death, which is yet to come into the limelight as it gets confined within the bars of the prison. This reminds us of the case of Joy Gardner and Eric Garner who both died in the year 1993 due to suffocation and violent force while being in the custody of the police. The police tried to cover the case but the truth came out. Another example is the case of Brown, of the year 2009 where 16 witnesses testified that he had surrendered himself before the police but still he was shot at the spot.

In India recent incident of custodial death is of P Jayaraj and J Bennicks of the year 2020 where father and son both were sexually assaulted and tortured by the police while in custody leading to their deaths. This lead to a prominent outrage among the citizens of the country and lead to virtual protests on social media. All such acts hurt the citizens and lead to discrediting the institution and generalizing all the policemen. The best part is that now the people prefer not to sit quietly to all these malpractices and form unions to raise their voice.

According to the international law of UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials (BPUFF) which deals with police use of force and directs that the police should use lethal force as a last resort. But in the present scenario, we can see police using their force without giving a second thought. The case of Iran in November 2019 where the protestors posed no threat to anyone but were killed among which there were 23 innocent children. Nearly 42 million people of African –Americans were killed in the years 2013 to 2019 due to police brutality; in 2019 police in Rio De Janerio killed 1,810 people; in 2019 Kenyan police killed 122 people; Iraq killed 600 protestors in the year 2019 and 2020; 1000 people are killed every year in the USA.

We can limit the number of cases of police brutality with the implementation of strict laws. In the USA, nine states still have no laws regarding the use of lethal force. People often have to refer to the international arenas for justice. If every country has its own set of rules governing police brutality then we can reduce the cases of police brutality. Along with this, proper implementation of the laws is also necessary to ensure everyone’s “right to live”

Through public protests, discussions, and peaceful movements we can bring a change in society. It was George Floyd that day, it might be you someday. So, raise your voice and never step back when you are supporting a good deed.