Juveniles and crime

Juveniles and crime

Children are not born criminals not pampered parasites. They are made that way by the environment in which they live. Crime nowadays is not defined by any age and hence has given rise to a new class of criminals i.e. juveniles. Who are juveniles and what give rise to turnover of innocent minds into well planned criminal minds?

Well, a juvenile is below the age of 18. However, according to law, a person below the age of 18 violating laws which would have been a crime if committed by an adult is termed as juvenile delinquent. Who can ever think in dreams that when a child innocent mind is developing in his childhood, it can even take a turnover to think such criminal strategies and can result in committing a crime. But, in today’s era this has taken a turn from dream to reality. Juveniles are used as a source of crime by some dreadful criminals and sometimes other factors also lie there in making them take such a step.

The most common cause is the environment they live in. Broken families, single parent families and frequent parent fights make the life of children full of hardships and often, disturb the inner peace of mind which make them choose the path of crime. Another major cause is poverty . when money is the need, and all the paths are closed, the innocent minds loose the capability of thinking what is wrong and what is right and they try the best possible way to meet their needs. It is this time that they either turn to crime or are used up by some selfish people in order to use as a source of crime. Sometimes, crime do not need influence or a way of force, it can even build within us by the enforcement of negative thoughts on our mind. Depression and loneliness are also some of the causes of crime. Bullying, which is a mode of fun and entertainment for some people can also take a turnover to crime. The influence of media and peer pressure also play some role in it. The showcasing of criminals is done in a such way by media that they leave no difference between personalities and criminals. All these factors play some or the other role in juvenile delinquency.

But a thing to remember is where there is a problem there lies ways of prevention. Parents play a key role in avoiding the precious future of country into turning into a juvenile delinquent. They should keep a check on the activity of their children and help them empower their minds with positive thoughts which keep them away from such paths. Moreover, parents should keep a note of what environment they are providing to their children and how is it affecting their innocent minds. Education also has role here. Right education at right time helps to understand difference between right and wrong and help them keep the mind on right path. We, the youth, also need to think on this issue. We should keep an eye on our surroundings and should understand what is good for us and should interact with our parents and the society in the best way possible so that nobody uses our minds for fulfilling their purpose.

These are the steps which can be taken on the primary level, but the government is also trying the best way possible to reduce juvenile delinquency. They treat the juveniles differently from criminals as nobody would like to investigate a 9 year old child but would like to know what made him do so and would prevent other children from doing so. The young people who commit crime are dealt as quickly as possible and the government has also launched juvenile justice act for the care and protection of children. The government believe that the children need to understand what crime is and what they have done.

But, what disturbs today the most is where in the past juveniles were associated with just small crimes they had taken severe crimes in their hand, one of which include juvenile sex crimes. The severe turnover of juvenile crime is indicating that the sympathy which was associated with juvenile is going to end. And, why it shouldn’t end. The juveniles should be divided in such a way that the crimes which are not severe and which are done due to some reason or in innocence should be treated differently to the crimes which are severe like juvenile sex crimes. They should be treated the same way as criminals because giving them a second chance is of no use. The punishment of juveniles should be given on the basis of their crimes and they should not be kept on the same scale. Their punishment should teach them a lesson that they should think twice before taking such a step in life.

For conclusion, we all can play some role in helping reduce juvenile delinquency but at the same time we should also keep in mind that we do not turn out to be a part of it.