Currently, there is an alarming rise in the suicides rate in India, especially in the age group 15-29, which is a cause of concern to everyone. More than 1.39 lakh Indians died by suicide in 2019, 67 percent of which were young adults (18-45 years), shows the latest data released by National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB). The NCRB report titled 'Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India 2019' released shows that of the total 1.39 lakh 2019 suicides, 93,061 were young adults. Compared to 2018 numbers (89,407), youth suicides in India have risen by 4 percent. The overall suicide figures increased by 3.4 percent in the same time. Hanging was found to be the most common method of attempting suicide. Around 74,629 people (53.6 percent) hanged themselves in the year 2019. The young adults mainly include teenagers and students who are considered as the future of the country. This article focuses to address this issue and to provide some insights in this regard.

Cause of suicide in teenagers and students:-

The suicides rates in the youth mostly can be seen in teenagers and students. When children enter their teenage years, they undergo drastic changes physically and mentally. Parents often complain that their child's behavior has completely changed after entering a teenage. In simple words, the mindset of the teenager is an incomplete mindset of an adult. In this period, they try to find their own identity. Dr. Gauri Karkhanis, consultant clinical and social psychologist, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, explains, "Teens go through an identity crisis as both the mind and body are changing. They are confused and trying to come to grips with who they are mentally as well as physically. And teens who do not have a healthy support system and coping skills often succumb to suicidal thoughts."

One of the important causes of suicides is due to failure in clearing the examination. They often feel rejected and judged by parents and teachers, and it becomes challenging to cope with the stress. Students and teenagers often face mental health problems like anxiety, stress, etc. In most suicide cases, parents often fail to recognize these health problems, which lead to such extreme steps. In this modern generation, parents, both employed, often fail to communicate with children like discussing their issues. Communication is the best tool to know the problems of teenagers. Their issues are very temporary, but with no one to turn to for support, they feel ostracized and feel that suicide is the permanent solution for a minor problem. So parents need to communicate with their children to get to know the issues faced by their children. If not, they can even get professional help like counseling them also yields better results. Parents are responsible to an extent because if a child cannot open up with their parents about his problems due to fear or other factors, it means that parents are not making their children comfortable enough to discuss their problem which is one of the critical factors in driving the children to take these severe steps. If a child/ teenager cannot openly discuss his issues with his parents, then parents are responsible for such situations.

Some common signs of suicide which can be identified:-

Depression, bullying, being a victim of sexual assault, addiction, alienation due to sexual orientation, self-destructive behavior, domestic violence is the primary trigger points for the suicide of adolescents. Teenagers and students with such signs need immediate professional help like counseling.

Some suggestions to prevent such suicidal thoughts in teenagers and youngsters:-

Parents always need to keep a tab about the changes in the behavior of their children.
They should keep an open mind while listening to their problems, and they should not judge or scold them. They should console and support them so that children are confident enough to express their issues freely with their parents
Parents have a constant tendency to protect their children from failure. Instead, they should allow their children to learn from their failures.

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