I am true & real

I am true & real

Let me tell you why I am TRUE and REAL.
In every situation, I choose to be honest, honest to myself and to my surrounding people.
I think of good things about others. And I treat them with my heart. Sometimes, it could lead to being betrayed or cheated but this is the way I choose. I would get wiser to pick who I should be with but not how I should treat them. I won’t change.

I live with what I have. I don’t try to show up what I don’t have on social media or to others, such as: expensive purses, clothes or shoes, a fake face - after - filter, … I am not as rich as other people but I am being honest with my life and still keep improving for a better life.

If you are being sincere, people around you can feel it, you don’t have to “show off”.

People always feel INSPIRED and POSITIVE every time they see me or read my online stuff.
I am kind of stubborn to accept compliments.

I have never thought that I have something to be proud of. Until lately, there is something really bad happen to me and I feel like I have nothing for now.

I tried some ways to get back on track. I share my problems with some of my friends cause I felt like I could not take it on my own. They started to tell me how much energy and inspiration I gave them when they were in their worst situation.

There were times that I felt sad but whenever I met people, I was automatically energetic and alive and smiley.

There were a lot of people telling me that they appreciate me because I am REAL and TRUE and INSPIRED. But I have never accepted those compliments seriously and felt proud to be praised. My problem.

I have never looked at my great things but my inabilities. I was always feeling so bad and useless every time I thought of my financial situation and my works. I have never could be able to make much money and don’t know when I can earn enough to buy my own property. I just can make little money for now. I felt like I have nothing.

All of a sudden, something bad happened to me recently. I learned a lesson a hard way. That also opens my eyes to see my “precious assets”, to love and to nurture my unique personality.

Being HUMBLE is good but being PROUD for what you should be is, even more, special and meaningful.
And do remember: “Cleverness is a gift but kindness is a choice”