Empowering young people for global development and peace

Empowering young people for global development and peace

One of the things that can turn both boon or the bane, being large in number is still our power. To complete the tasks, formation of the terms and to assist the change the world legacy, we can all stand up differently! If the unity is embarked in the talent of this unique age group, the numbers care enough to shrill the oldest existing anti powers.

Global development also aims to improve general government Policies of these developing countries. State building is the strengthening of regional institutions necessary to support long-term economic, social and political development education is another important aspect of global development.

It is important cause of hunger, unemployment, Poverty. Through education & teacher. Young people help others maximize their produce & crops with the inputs they have now. Global development is significant cause it impacts the educator & the educated. There is nothing more humbling then joyfully receiving food from a family that barely gets by. The rich become poor the poor become rich. The educated becomes the educator & the educator becomes educated. Global flips the order of things & grabs the educator into a world or change. Transformation on both sides of development occurs.

GD is important cause of dignity. When others can believe in themselves, than they can create a change in their life & in their community. Handouts create helplessness. Education creates hope and drive. Education creates opportunities to become more than what we where before.
Young people to be more effective in their endeavor to promote peace and development & democracy in their communities. In this , young people take an active role towards cultivating a culture of peace and development.

Peace is not only as the absence of war and direct violence, but also the presence of an apparatus and conditions that favor the economy, social, physical and cultural and environmental well being of all people in a society.

The vision of our country lies in the hands of our youths. They are filled with tremendous and towering ambitions. The youth are the real treasure of any country. They are more important for a country like India. Rightly termed YOUNGISTAN, about 65%of India’s population is under 35 year of age. The youth should be active drivers and not merely the passive recipient of development. Youth is age of discovery & dreams. Youth are fighters. The fight for problems which the world faces today. They need good morals values to handle conflicts in positive way. The primary role of youth people is to get a good education in order to become better citizens of tomorrow.

The county’s young people can contribute to the success of the county if and only if they are equipped with the skills and the enough knowledge to do so The youth needs to understand the role and responsibilities in making of the country. They must focus in their physical as well as the mental development. Youth should generate or create jobs for others which help to increase employment and growth of economy. When jobs giver generate in market then then no body will unemployed and expenditure will increase with increasing consumption rate. Its help indirectly to rise gross domestic products. Youth should make their career in agriculture sector because it is one of the most booster industry which creates employment and contribute a good percentage rate in GDP when it will increase indirectly economy will developed.

Youth should invest in large amount which help economy to create positive mood in the country whereas other countries also want to invest in countries. We should increase our human capital as compare to others when our country will grow and when it will grow also Indirectly trade between countries will grow and that’s how global development is possible.