Change starts with you!

I’m sure we all have come across a child often referred to as ‘Chotu’ at tea stalls or small shops forced into child labor either because of poverty in the family or because of being the sole breadwinner of the family. At that moment we might feel sorry for them and realize how truly privileged we are. The question here is, can we do anything about this? If yes, then how? How can we change the lives of these innocent children? We at YEF aim to do just this, by empowering the future of the nation, through the various programs aimed at education, distribution of relief material, etc. The COVID 19 Pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. However, the people most affected by this pandemic are the underprivileged and daily wage workers who aren’t able to earn any wages and have extremely limited savings. It has become exceedingly difficult for such families to take care of themselves or their children. To help these children, YEF has launched many programs one of which is the ‘Humari Pathshala’ program where a team goes to slums and educates children with fun and creative activities and aims to empower them to become the future of our nation. Did you know, that 20% of the children in our country are underprivileged and 95% of such children go to school only because they are given free meals twice a day? That brings us to the next program, which is the ‘Love in a backpack’ initiative which aims to help the children continue their education even when going to school is not possible due to the pandemic. Through this program, volunteers distribute stationary kits consisting of essentials and food packets as well because many children depended on mid-day meals provided by schools for their nutrition. So, a fruit, juice and a snack item are also distributed to these children. All this is possible only because of our donors and you can make a change too by donating. Any amount can make a difference. So, keeping in mind all those kids who have done any kind of labor work for you, from bringing tea at the tea shop to cleaning your car at the signals, consider donating and making a difference in the life of such children because change, starts from you!

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