Celebrating a Safe Holi

Celebrating a Safe Holi

Holi is a festival of colors. This festival is the messenger of the arrival of spring. On its arrival, all
the creatures, even nature, get enthralled with joy and zeal. Hindus celebrate it every year with
great joy on the Falgun month Purnima. It is a symbol of holy love.

Holi is a colorful festival in which people of every religion celebrate with full enthusiasm and fun.
This festival decorated with love-filled colors gives the message of brotherhood, opening the
bonds of every religion, sect, caste. On this day, all the people forget their old grievances and
hug and enslave a couple. Children and youth play with colors. This festival is celebrated on the
full moon of Phalgun month. Many stories are associated with Holi. Holi is lit one night before
celebrating Holi. There is a popular legend behind it.

Devotee Prahlada's father Hariyanyakaship considered himself a god. He was opposed to
Vishnu while Prahlada was a devotee of Vishnu. He stopped Prahlada from doing Vishnu's
devotion and when he did not agree, he tried to kill Prahlada. Prahlad's father finally sought help
from his sister Holika. Holika had the blessing of not burning in the fire. Holika agreed to assist
her brother. Holika sat in the pyre with Prahlad, but Prahlad was protected by the grace of
Vishnu; and Holika was consumed by burning. This story indicates that good must triumph over
evil. Even today, on the full moon day, Holi is lit, and on the next day, everybody puts gulal, abir, and different colors on each other. This festival is a festival of colors.

On Holi, we all play with colors in the morning and play gulal with each other in the evening,
but this may not be possible due to the increasing Coronavirus this year. There is a danger of
coronavirus on Holi this year. We will need to be careful this year. First of all, use herbal colors
because Coronavirus is a Dangerous virus that can travel only through wet particles, so choose
dry Holi and stay safe, and do not consume sweets from the market. Make sweets at home and
enjoy them.

In such a situation, the same question is arising in everyone's mind that how much will it be
possible to play Holi, so let us see how to play Holi this year:-
- Do not join a large group of people to play Holi.
- Stay away from hugs and handshakes.
- Take care of cleanliness while playing Holi
- Keep away from sick people.
- Use hand sanitizer of 60% to 95% alcohol content, and wash hands with soap for at
least 20 seconds.
- Do not put your hands on the eyes, nose, and mouth. We wish you all a very Happy and colorful Holi.
Stay safe during covid 19