Beggary: causes, consequences and solution

Beggary: causes, consequences and solution

Begging refers to asking other people honestly for something one needs.
Wait a minute! isn’t it the same as beggary?
Well, it is a bit different term wise as beggary refers to, being in a ‘condition’ of poverty, whereas begging can be differentiated by saying that it is a ‘practice’ of asking other people for help regarding food and money usually.
Beggary is a social condition in which many people live due to the lack of resources like food, clothes and shelter, also unemployment is a big factor contributing to its cause. India is a developing country, wherein the government is time to time trying to meet the ends at every possible area of problem. Despite the continuous efforts from the government, beggary remains to be the biggest matter of concern in our country, which leads us to our next segment, i.e., the causes of beggary or, what actually causes beggary?

There are numerous factors which cause the surge in a social issue, so
let’s discuss these causes-

Poor Rehabilitation of Persons with Disability- There is a huge number of people in India belonging to the category of PWD (person with disability), who still do not receive the appropriate type and amount of attention and treatment that they should, resulting in unemployment, lack of shelter, food and almost no livelihood, which brings them to the streets to beg and live their life in beggary.
Lack of Education- Lack of education pushes people from all the races to incline towards begging as an alternative to get educated and employed at a respectful position professionally.
Weak Economical Background- The underprivileged illiterate population of a country suffers a weak economical background, and this is the biggest of all factors which leads people towards begging.
Family and society- A child in a family of beggars is often pushed towards making begging as his/her profession against his/her will. This is a huge reason behind child beggars seen on the streets begging for survival.
Psychological disturbances- Sometimes a person goes through a certain trauma or situation which makes him or her lose the hope to work, interact or study, which leads to substance abuse, isolation, crimes and of course beggary.
Natural calamities- Natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, draughts etc., push people out of their native houses to somewhere they do not belong. They lose everything in all of the calamity and are permanently displaced. Due to this displacement, they lack the resources to start everything over and end up landing on streets, begging for their survival.

Consequences of Beggary-

Crime- Beggary is directly related to crime, as we discussed in the factors causing beggary (economic, lack of food, shelter, money etc). If an individual is not able to fulfill his/her basic survival needs, they choose the path of crime to do so. Like stealing and murder for fulfilling their needs of money and so on.
Exploitation- As we know begging is not a chosen profession, many children or even mature adults fall into the trap of begging by getting exploited mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually, as a result of psychological disorders, disabilities, displacement due to natural calamities and economical crunch.
Substance abuse- It is the most common scenario nowadays. Wherever we find beggars, we can see them either sniffing onto a piece of cloth or in the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Use of drugs or substance abuse is nowadays commonly visible in child beggars. The reason behind the use of drugs by beggars can be because of social negligence, lack of self confidence and dignity, exploitation, peer pressure (in children) and psychological disorders.

Solutions to combat problem of beggary-

Schemes and programs- launched by state governments to protect the life and rights of beggars.
Bihar- Mukhyamantri bhikshavriti nivaran yojna was Launched to protect and promote the rights of beggars by ensuring their care, protection, development, socio-economic and cultural empowerment.
Maharashtra- Some municipal corporations including Pune corporation had launched ‘beggar free campaign’.
And So on….
Rehabilitation- Proper and appropriate rehabilitation should be provided to beggars for safe-guarding their life in every aspect.
Government × NGOs- Government collaborations with rehabilitating NGOs could bring out the best results for rehabilitation of beggars.
Awareness campaigns- Awareness campaigns can help in creating awareness amongst the masses regarding discouragement of practice of begging. People should realize there is no pride in begging.
Provision of education- Government has launched many education related schemes for underprivileged people to attain basic and maximum education for free but still there is a need of mediators to help reach the remotest masses as well for imparting education.

As rightly said, “Padhega India, Tabhi toh Badhega India".

-By Smridhi Nangia
Content Writer
Social Journal