A Kind gesture

A Kind gesture

It was right before our last exam that her grandmother had passed away and it hit her hard. I had never seen my friend in so much grief. Many years later, I still catch her crying about how she never got to see her before the last rites were performed; that she never got to say her last goodbye.

This is when I realized that it wasn't just her, but almost everyone I've crossed paths with, the people I live with, people I've come across on social media are all struggling- fighting life tooth and nail with trying not to break down and we're so oblivious to them.

There are people who are struggling to repay their loans, whose marriages are crumbling, people who are terminally ill, people who want to end their lives, people who grieve the death of their loved ones as they did on the first day even many years later.

Even a few days ago I met an old friend who at that time in school had lost his father. He still grieves and I think that’s okay unless you have people genuinely trying to help you and be kind.

Everyone around us is wounded, and we don't come with signboards or warnings. And since they don't, I've taken it upon myself to look at everyone around me more deeply and be more kind to everyone I meet. Everyone is fighting a battle that we're unaware of and it doesn't cost anything to be kind to others.
So a kind gesture is not necessarily about helping one person or providing people in need with materialistic things. Sometimes it’s only about a kind gesture to help them get through their day. It can be a hug or an affirmation that eventually, all will be okay. Time may not heal the scars but it will make people easier to live with.