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There are a lot of social workers and volunteers to help out the people in need. And most of the times, the volunteers and social workers are not appreciated enough for the contributions they give to the societies to make it a better place. Even though these people don’t ask to be applauded, they do deserve acknowledgement of their work.

An NGO needs two things to function: the volunteers and the funding. NGOs are in a constant need of passionate social workers who willingly and selflessly want to give back to their nation. They need people to spread awareness about the work that they do, to raise funds for being able to help the people in need, they need people to develop and design the technical part of things that are involved in the equation of marketing, and finally, people who help them execute it all. Here at Social Journal, We connect these two parties so that both of them can work towards a better future of their country. We tell the stories of these volunteers and social workers that strive to make this world a better place for the future generations.

At Social Journal, We tell these stories to raise the voice of these social workers. We publish these stories to make people understand how difficult it can be for these workers out there and how alike the soldiers and medical teams, even they are the unsung heroes.



Rambabu Sharma


Abhinav Kohli


Niharika Aneja

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